Hongtu Chen

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Haijing Hao

Assistant Professor, Management Science and Information Systems Department, College of Management, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Kate Hathirat

​​​​​​​MPA 2017, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Stefan Huebner

Research Fellow at National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute

Koichi Isobe

Strategic Advisor, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Qilin Long

Associate Professor, College of Humanities, Guangzhou University

Ajmal Qureshi

Former Resident Representative, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

KyungSoo Rha

Associate Professor, Faculty of Intercultural Studies, Gakushuin Women's College, Japan

Soumodip Sarkar

Associate Professor, Department of Management, University of Évora, Portugal

Yasuyuki Sugiura

Former Chief Executive Officer at Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)