Harvard International Photo Contest's Asia Center Prize Winner

February 13, 2017

Sarah Wu ’19, won the 2016 International Photo Contest's Asia Center Prize, awarded by the Harvard Office of International Education. Wu captured this photo of an artist in his studio in Beijing during a summer study abroad program. She described the circumstances of capturing this image:

2017 Student Photo Contest winner







“When my boyfriend came to visit me in Beijing (from Shanghai), we wandered around hutongs in Beijing. In one alley, we came across two elderly women returning to a restaurant, Grandma’s Kitchen, from their breaks. They invited us to go into the restaurant. Inside, the walls were adorned with paintings, which I later found out were painted by the owner, Jacky. We talked to Jacky for a while, and he was intrigued by identities as a Chinese-Canadian and a Brit. I found his story to be interesting: he dropped out of art school to work in advertising, now runs a chain of Grandma’s Kitchen restaurants and a tea company on the side that supplies to Whole Foods. His restaurants employ elderly women, a population that has difficulty obtaining employment. He invited me over for tea in his studio loft the next weekend, and I took this photo while he was painting.”

Sarah has a concentration in Social Studies at Harvard.