Jizhou Chen

Candidate – Master of Arts, Regional Studies of East Asia, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Jizhou Chen received his Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies in June 2015 from the National University of Singapore with an overall GPA of 4.08. Before...

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Clement Dai

Candidate – Master of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Originally from Shanghai, Mr. Clement Dai received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Saint John’s University in Minnesota. Upon graduating from...

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Ding Ding

Candidate – Master of Laws, Harvard Law School

Mr. Ding Ding received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering from Peking University in 2011 and a J.D. from Peking University...

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Helian Feng

Candidate – Master of Science, Harvard School of Public Health

Ms. Helian Feng is a 2nd year Master of Science candidate who studies Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics. She received her Bachelor of...

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Claudine Gay

Oversight Dean, Asia Center Council
Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government and of African and African American Studies
Dean of Social Science
Zhe Geng

Zhe Geng

Ph.D. candidate, Comparative Literature

Zhe Geng, a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature, is working on medical humanities and transnational exchange between Sinophone, Anglophone and...

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