Asia Center Seminar Series

The Asia Center Seminar Series, previously the Modern Asia Seminar Series, is the longest running of the Asia Center’s seminar series. The series was instituted to bring senior scholars, government officials, journalists and other specialists to speak on key issues from a regional perspective. Recently, the Asia Center seminars have focused on the Brexit crisis and its impact on Asia, community organizing in Japan and China, and environmental and agriculture issues in the Mekong River basin.

In the past,  it has hosted former Ambassadors such as Joseph Prueher, Stephen Bosworth, Thomas Hubbard, Chan Heng Chee, and Bjorge Luunggren;  journalists such as Eric Eckholm  and Jan Wong and author Ian Buruma; scholars such as Herbert Bix, Lucian Pye and Kenneth Pomeranz, and policy makers including Ishore Mahbubani, Jusuf Wanadi Alan Romberg and John Kamm.  It has also been a forum to discuss timely issues such famine in North Korea, human rights and security in Afghanistan, entrepeneurship in China, economic development in Asia and disaster response.