Science and Technology Seminar Series

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Marta Hanson-Heaven and Earth Are Within One's Grasp (Qian Kun zai wo 乾坤在握): The Handy Mind in Late Imperial Chinese Medicine

Suzanne Moon-Reporting Indonesia's Green Revolution

Soyoung Suh-Breast, Cancer, and Women in Korea, 1800–1930s

The First Battlefield of Western Nuclear Competition: India and Light Water Reactors, 1955-1963

Science and Technology Seminar Series

Supported by the Asia Center and hosted by the Department of the History of Science, the new Asia Center Science and Technology Seminar Series focuses on critical historical and contemporary issues in science and technology in East, South, and Southeast Asia. The seminar series seeks to bring to campus speakers from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences whose work investigates the place of the scientific and the technological in Asia and the place of Asia in our ideas and practices of science and technology. Please check back for upcoming seminar titles and dates.

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