About the Asia Center

Established July 1, 1997, the Harvard University Asia Center is a university-wide inter-faculty initiative with an underlying mission to project Harvard in Asia and Asia at Harvard.  With this dynamic in mind, the Asia Center engages in a variety of scholarly and practical activities both at Harvard and in Asia to help strengthen the significance and understanding of East, Southeast, and South Asia. These activities include research and teaching, public seminars and conferences, focused workshops, publication of journals and monographs, internships, travel fellowships, film series, art exhibits, and more.

Activities include the annual Tsai Lecture, Southeast Asia, and Islam in Asia seminar series, the Fellows Program, and Asia Vision 21 conference, along with outreach programs and special events. In addition to its award-winning Publications Program, the Center issues a weekly e-newsletter, the Asia Bulletin, featuring Asia-related events at Harvard and in the greater Boston area, as well as a weekly e-newsletter, Asia Center This Week, covering Asia Center-specific news, events, and announcements.

The Asia Center oversees and advises the undergraduate concentration on East Asian Studies, administered by the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations. It also has oversight, through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, of the Master of Arts program in Regional Studies—East Asia.

The Asia Center funds student research and study in Asia, as well as the activities of Asia-focused student organizations. Faculty research and conferences are supported with Asia Center funding as well.