The Asia Center is a university-wide research center with four priorities:

  1. Fostering research and teaching on Asia in transnational and transregional perspective, recognizing that Asian nations and their peoples have been inextricably interconnected with one another and with those of other regions for much of history;
  2. Increasing the resources and number of Harvard faculty members and students engaged in the study of Asia by promoting expansive and inclusive coverage;
  3. Advancing new transdisciplinary knowledge on Asia by catalyzing the interaction and collaboration of faculty members and students from across Harvard’s many schools;
  4. Forging networks by connecting faculty members and students with practitioners, professionals, policy makers, and communities in the United States, Asia, and globally to address critical transregional challenges and opportunities, and to foster international understanding and strengthen mutual respect.

The Asia Center accomplishes these priorities through its public events; faculty and student grants programs; Graduate Student Associates Program; Postdoctoral Fellows Program; Publications Program; Southeast Asia Program; and other endeavors, which draw on the expertise of scholars, practitioners, professionals, policy makers, and communities across all fields.