Asia Center Scholars will chair a discussion on China’s Development and Governance at the American Political Science Association

Asia Center scholars Chunying Yue and Dapeng Wang will chair the 9th China Development and Governance Workshop (CDG) at APSA Virtual Conference from February 8-9, 2023. This is the first attempt to incorporate the CDG Workshop in APSA. The two-day conference will include three panels, namely, “Institutional Design and Civic Engagement in China," ”Societal Input and Policy Implementation in China,” and “Chinese Domestic Policy and International Challenges,” chaired by Dapeng Wang, Jérôme DOYON (guest chair, a Junior Professor at the Centre for International Relations (CERI) at Sciences Po Paris ) and Chunying Yue. Thirteen participants from across the globe will join the virtual research conference to present their latest research. The panelists will examine the institutional level and public policy challenges, the issues concerning society and history perspective, and the international challenges. The CDG workshop was founded by Ash Center Asia Fellows Baozhong Su, Fan Li, Zhanjun Gao, and Jianwu He. Chunying Yue and Dapeng Wang successfully chaired the 3rd to 8th CDG workshop, which was extended to 78 scholars worldwide.

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