Five Harvard College Students Awarded Grants for Summer Research Travel to Asia

The Asia Center is pleased to award travel grants to the following outstanding undergraduate applicants for their research travel to Asia this summer: 
Sara Dahiya ‘25
Charting Japan and Cambodia's Digital Penetration and Climate Resilience Journeys
In her travel to Tokyo and Phnom Penh, Sara hopes to chart out and compare Japan's tech-savvy climate strides with Cambodia's grassroots green efforts, exploring their digital-gender-climate nexus, contrasting how two distinct cultures leverage digitization for climate mitigation, with a focus on women's communities. 
Zazie Huml ‘25
Bridging Worlds: Tracing Global Health Narratives from Nepal to Geneva
Zazie’s senior thesis in Social Studies examines the problem of epistemological and moral commensurability between the global and the local in Global Health. Zazie plans to spend 8 weeks in Jumla, Nepal, and two weeks in Geneva, Switzerland, to map communication pathways between Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the vaccine's recipients.
Olivia Marinaccio ‘25
Tokyo Manga and Shanghai Manhua
This summer Olivia plans to visit archives in Shanghai to conduct research on 1920s and 1930s Shanghainese manhua and Tokyo manga, culminating in a senior thesis that will track the shifts in styles nationally and internationally during the Second Sino-Japanese War.
Vivian Thuy Nguyen ‘25
Memory Politics Across Borders : Vietnam and Its Diaspora
Exploring the contrasting narratives of the Vietnam War through the lens of state-sponsored memorials in Vietnam and the memories held by its diaspora, Vivian’s research aims to reveal how transnational memories of conflict interact across cultural and national boundaries, granting agency to diasporic communities in shaping memory politics.
John Weaver ‘26
Dissolving Dichotomies: Exploring an Aesthetics of Hindu Non-duality in South India and Cambodia
John’s project will explore the aesthetics of Hindu non-duality in South India and Cambodia through repeated site visits to temples dedicated to Ardhanarishwara, Harihara, and Narasimha.

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