Asia Center Fellows Seminar Series

Asia Center Fellows Seminar Series 

The Asia Center, through its Visiting Scholar, Fellow, and Associate programs, engages scholars whose research foci align with the Center’s mission of generating and sharing knowledge about Asia in transnational and transregional perspective and fostering teaching, collaboration, and innovation across and beyond cultural and disciplinary boundaries.” The Asia Center Fellows Seminar Series provides a platform for these scholars to share their research and discuss and exchange ideas with the scholarly community at Harvard.  

Past Events 

Ngoc Tho Nguyen-Taking Root Wherever You Land: The Liturgical Transformation of Popular Cults Among Ethnic Chinese in Vietnam

From the Pacific Into the Anthropocene: Japanese-U.S. Research on Floating Structures, the Metabolist Movement, and Rising Sea Levels

Xiaofei Gao-Asia Center Fellows Seminar Series

Elsa Clavé-Asia Center Fellows Seminar Series​

Harutoshi Matsutani-Asia Center Fellows Seminar Series​

The Relationship of Politics and Religions in China

Slumdog Entrepreneurs: Creating Something From Nothing

Unparalleled Momentum: A Review of China-U.S. Economic and Trade Relations Under President Obama

The People's Liberation Army: Perspective From the United States and Japan

Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation and Collective Self-Defense: From a Military Perspective

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