Asia Beyond the Headlines Seminar Series

Inaugurated in the Fall of 2017, the Asia Beyond the Headlines Seminar series focuses on urgent contemporary issues that cut across Asia.

In the first Asia Beyond the Headlines seminar, One Belt/One Road in Historical and Global Context, leading scholars put China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the context of analogous programs that have changed human history.

Past topics in the series discussed One Belt/One Road, North Korea-U.S. Relationship, Press Freedoms in Asia, China and Asia in the Changing Climate, Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Constitutional Revision in Japanese Politics. 



Fall 2021

Implications: Regional Perspectives on the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Spring 2021

Border Conflicts in the Himalayas: Bhutan, Nepal, India, and China

Reactions: The Myanmar Coup

Fall 2020

2020 Myanmar Elections

Consequences: South and Southeast Asia and the 2020 U.S. Election

Spring 2020

Going Viral: The Coronavirus and its Regional and Global Implications

Fall 2019

Repercussions: The Hong Kong Protests in Context

Vietnam: Party, State and Society in an Era of Great Power Rivalry

Spring 2019

Babies, Work, or Both? Highly-Educated Women's Employment and Fertility in Japan and South Korea

China and Asia in a Changing Climate: Natural Science for the Non-ScientistGender Inequality in Japan and Asia

Co-optive Engagement: Challenges to Democracy in Southeast Asia

Time for Reparations? A View on the Cambodian Government’s Response to the Genocide

Fall 2018

The Complex India-China Strategic Relationship: Can the Two Asian Powers Rise Peacefully?

Constitutional Revision in Japanese Politics Today

Operation Tomodachi: Process and Recommendations-The U.S.-Japan Alliance After the Fukushima Nuclear Accident​

Panel-Engaging North Korea: What are the Current Signposts Telling Us?

Press Freedoms in Asia: Perspectives from China, Myanmar, and Thailand

Spring 2018

Forced Migration in South Asia: Past and Present

Response to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

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